Our new NEW website
It's only been a month since we posted about our new website, but here we are again!
Our new NEW website

One month ago, we released our new website but we changed it already, here’s why:

It seems strange to go through the effort of creating a new website so soon after releasing the last one but we’ve done it for four main reasons.

1. To practice what we preach

The Realmatic blog is a reflection of our mission, part of which is to educate the real estate industry. In altering our website the way we have, we have adopted and implemented several techniques we have shared and will share in terms of site design and SEO.


2. Marketing

The last website was visually appealing from a web-design point of view, however, after reviewing other sites, we determined that what matters more is the appeal of our product and brand. The new website is cleaner and more organised. Our goal is to impress potential customers with our content.


3. User Experience

This website is fast. That is important for the user experience especially in a market where users Googling may only give a website 3 or 4 seconds to impress them before moving on. The site also consists of several pages whereas previous websites were one-pagers which again where visually appealing from a design stand point, but not necessarily that appealing from a product point-of-view.


4. SEO

There are several improvements to the SEO features of this website. First is speed – without the sliders, the site can load faster and Google will therefore rank it better. This is site is even more mobile-friendly than the previous site. And dividing the site into different pages also makes for clearer information to both users and search engine bots.


We have enjoyed putting this new site together and we hope you like it as much as we do.

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